Makalu Trekking

Makalu (8,463) is the 5th elevated mountain in the world positioned close up to the uppermost mountain in the world, called the Mount Everest. Makalu points out the degree of difficult to understand as it encloses the shadowy alarming exterior. Being the 5th tallest mountain in the entire world, every trekker might not gain victory unlike other mountains. This is for sure that if trekkers are setting up to raise the Makalu, it does involve plenty skills or else, success may not overcome. Makalu Trekking is recognized as the trustworthy for those trekkers who have formerly endeavor it. The initial fearless effort was completed by an American team who had mountes Makalu Peak in 1954 wherever as the foremost flourishing team to overcome was in 1955 by French team. Makalu Peak has two main additional Peaks. Makalu is one of the mainly tricky Mountains to go up in the entire world. Makalu is an encouraging Peak with the collection of the red brickwork concluded awake of four sided pyramid shape. Despite of its eccentric construction and special features, Makalu is expressed as uncharacteristic Mountain. Makalu is tremendously confronted Mountain, to be found 14 miles away from the east of Mount Everest whose minimum height is 3900 meter and its maximum height is 8,463 meter.
Makalu Trekking is a complex trek subsequent to Mount Everest which is located in the Northern Region of Nepal. Makalu trekking is intended as not as much of attempted Mountain seeing its hard line formation. So, it is said that the numbers of trekkers who have proficient the ascending is merely 300+. For the Makalu Trekking, it needs perfect climbing experiences including 8,000m. Though with the proper guidance and coordination of Osho Vision Treks & Expedition one can get self righteousness. Osho Vision Treks & Expedition will make you put into practice. All you require is the healthy physical state and guts to ascend.
Outline Itinerary
Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu
Day 02-03: Sightseeing in Kathmandu
Day 04: Flight to Tumlingtar, drive to Chichila (1850m) 5 hrs
Day 05: Trek to Num (1,505m) 5 hrs
Day 06: Trek to Seduwa (1,530m) 5 hrs 
Day07: Trek to Gaon (2,065m) 5 hrs
Day 08: Khongma (3,562m) 7-8 hrs
Day 09:  Acclimatization day at Khongma (4,200m) 
Day 10:  Trek to Mumbuk (4,200m) 6 hrs 
Day 11:  Trek to Yangri Kharka (3,610m) 5 hrs 
Day 12:  Trek to Shershong (4,650m) 
Day 13: Trek to Makalu South East Base Camp 5 hrs 
Day 14: Makalu North Ridge BC (4,800m) 3-4 hrs 
Day 15: Acclimatization at Base Camp 6 hrs
Day 16: Trek to Mumbuk 6 hrs 
Day 17: Trek to Kauma 6 hrs 
Day 18: Trek to Tashi Gaoni 
Day 19: Trek to Num 
Day 20: Trek to Tumlingtar 5 hrs 
Day 21: Trek to Khandbari 
Day 22: Trek to Tumlingtar 
Day 23: Back to Kathmandu 
Day 24: Departure!!!!
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Day 01: Arrive at the Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu (1,350m)
Upon your arrival at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, you will be received by the representative staff from Osho Vision Treks & Expedition at the Airport. Our representative will transfer you to the hotel and will discuss about the further plans over there. Stay overnight in a hotel.
Day 02: Sightseeing in Kathmandu 
For the next days, we will be exploring the Kathmandu Valley by visiting Pashupatinath, Bouddhanath, Durbar Squares and additional cultural as well as traditional sites. We will also get ready for the journey during the time, obtaining authorization for the trek from the government agency. Stay overnight in a hotel.
Day 03: Flight to Tumlingtar, drive to Chichila (1850m) 5 hrs 
Tumlingtar is a village situated at the height of 400 meter above from the sea level. Tumlingtar is the first place from where our trekking starts. We will take a flight from Kathmandu to Tumlingtar. From Tumlingtar, we will drive to Chichila (1850m) and will be discovering the left over days. Stay overnight at a guesthouse.
Day 04: Trek to Num (1,505m) 5 hrs 
On the following day we will move from Chichila to Num covering about 1,505 meter. So, on this day we will wake up early in the morning and set up our trekking. After having breakfast we will get a walk and will like the trek for 5 hours. Stay overnight at a guesthouse.
Day 05: Trek to Seduwa (1,530m) 5 hrs 
This is our 5th day of trekking and outing trip. After having a breakfast early in the morning we will begin our trekking to Seduwa (1,530m). Seduwa is in fact an attractive place where we will move to enjoy the natural beauties of that area. We have to walk for 5 hours too on this day. Stay overnight at a guesthouse.
Day06: Trek to Gaon (2,065m) 5 hrs 
On the 6th day of trekking package, we will move to Gaon (2,065m) from Seduwa. To arrive at Gaon we have to take gradual ascending by walking for 5 hours. For the most part on this day we have to amble an elongated distance from Seduwa to Gaon (2,065m). Stay overnight at a local guesthouse.
Day 07: Khongma (3,562m) 7-8 hrs 
On the 7th day, we will be moving to Khongma (3,562m) from Gaon. We will set up early for the day as we have to cover almost 1500 meters on the day. This seems that the nature of this day will be a long day’s trek required almost 7 to 8 hours of trek. The trek will, though, be daring as the trail takes us to numerous amazing landscapes. Stay overnight at a guesthouse.
Day 08:  Acclimatization day at Khongma (4,200m) 6 hrs
On the 9th day of the itinerary is for acclimatization. We will be spending the day at Khongma, resting and acclimatizing to the conditions and the altitude. We can travel around the Khongma village and interact with the villagers and learn about their culture. Stay overnight at a guesthouse.
Day 9:  Trek to Mumbuk (4,200m) 
From Khongma we will scale Shipton La and from there we will again descend to Mumbak (4,200m). In Mumbuk, we will take a pleasant hike well thought-out as a tricky area to pass Shipton La. As we arrive at Mumbuk (4,200m) we will take our lunch. Stay overnight at a guesthouse.
Day 10:  Trek to Yangri Kharka (3,610m) 6 hrs 
For the trek to Yak Kharka (3,6100m), we have to shift early in the morning which takes 6 hours. Before the sunrise we have to pass Dhampu Pass. The sight of the whole Annapurna Range being taped by the sun with the valley sleeping below in the gloom offering astonishing view. Stay overnight at guesthouse.
Day 11:  Trek to Shershong (4,650m) 5hrs 
For the trek to Shershong (4,650m), we will move early in the morning taking a breakfast in Yangri Kharka which takes 5 to 6 hours on foot from Yangri Kharka. After the few minutes of walking an authority will talk about the supplementary facts and will let us know to follow his instruction. Stay overnight at guesthouse.
Day 12: Trek to Makalu South East Base Camp 
On the 12h day, we will move for the trek to Makalu South East Base Camp according to the setting up. Trekking in Makalu South East Base Camp is intricate in nature yet we will enjoy this trekking. We have to follow all the instructions given by the expert. Stay overnight in a tented camp.
Day 13: Makalu North Ridge BC (4,800m) 5hrs 
On the following day we will ascend Makalu North Ridge Base Camp (4,800m) taking 5 hours.  is an essential day as we are going to see Makalu North Ridge Base Camp (4,800m) which is one of the main target of Makalu Trekking. The trekking to Makalu North Ridge Base Camp is considered to be strange than the other trekking as trekkers to this area will be respected more than the others. Stay overnight in a tented camp.
Day 14: Acclimatization at Base Camp 3-4 hrs 
After accomplishing the trek to Makalu North Ridge Base Camp (4,800m), this is the day owed for the acclimation at the Base Camp. This is extremely significant part of the itinerary as the couple of day’s acclimatization will help out us to get used to the circumstances and get ready ourselves for the trip that lies ahead. Stay overnight in a tented camp.
Day 15: Trek to Mumbuk 6 hrs 
The destination for the 15th day is Mumbuk, a small village in the region of Makalu. It will take five hours of trekking from Yak Kharka to reach there. We can explore the village during the hiking time of 6 hours. Stay overnight at a guesthouse.
Day 16: Trek to Kauma 6 hrs 
On the 16th day we will return to Kauma from Mumbuk. Today we will be walking a bit longer in contrast to other days. So, we will take your breakfast and then only will move for Kauma taking rest on the way. Stay vernight at a guesthouse.
Day 17: Trek to Tashi Gaoni 6 hrs
Once more today our walk will be extended for 6 hours like days gone by when we moved from Mumbuk to Kauma. But the trek will be interesting as we get to identify lots of things regarding the nature, people and different vegetations. We will take your lunch on the way to Tashi Gaoni. Stay overnight at a guesthouse.
Day 18: Trek to Khandbari 
On the following day we will move ahead to Khandbari from Tashi Gaoni. Khandbari is full of excited and relaxed deay which will lead us to Nun. We can snap some photographs in Khandbari. So, it is better to set out for Khandbari in an early morning. Stay overnight at guesthouse.
Day 19: Trek to Num 
The day when we are done with walking around Tashi Gaon we will return to Num. As we have previously seen Num, we can go methodically but in case if we have time and keen to explore more, unquestionably there is a high likelihood for the explorations. Stay overnight at a guest house. 
Day 20: Trek to Khandbari 
On the 20th day we will be moving towards Khandbari from Num exactly after taking breakfast. Khandbari is relatively an attractive place for the trek. Khandbari is a well-off place in comparison to other places of this route. Stay overnight at a guesthouse.
Day 21: Trek to Tumlingtar 
The next day, we will reach Tumlingtar which is a different and good-looking town in the eastern region of Nepal. After the attainment of Tumlingtar, we will use up the rest of the night in a hotel enjoy the local food and cultural dances. Stay overnight at a guesthouse.
Day 22: Back to Kathmandu 
On this day we will take a drive towards Kathmandu from Tumlingtar after the long and trick trail. On the way we will again feel the delighted seeing the natural beauties. Returning in Kathmandu you can take the rest and get ready for tomorrow’s departure. Stay overnight in hotel.
Day 23: Departure 
This is the last day according to an itinerary where you will return to your own hometown from Tribhuvan International Airport. We are leaving you there in the airport in a hope to see you again.
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Trips Facts

Trip Duration: 24 Days

Daily Walking Hour: ave.6hr

Destination: Tumlingtar

Max Altitude : 8481m

Seasons: Sep-Oct & Mar-May

Trip Starting Point : Num

Trip Ending Point : Tumlingtar

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My friend and I had never been to Nepal, we decided to go on a spur of the moment decision with no expectations. We ended up meeting Prakash from Osho at the airport in Kathmandu and from there we arranged some activities including a scenic flight to Everest and of course trekking! Our experience trekking was incredible, the highlight of our trip. Our guides Ram and Prakash were wonderful and the local Nepalese people in the Annapurna region are amazing. The Poon Hill trek is highly recommended! Thanks to Osho for everything, I highly recommend Dinesh and Co. Our only regret is not staying in Nepal for longer. I'll be back again!

RandalBarnett, Perth

We had excellent experience by Osho Vision Treks. They are so helpful and friendly. They understand what you want to do and make a nice programme! We are happy to meet them.

didem9, Istanbul, Turkey

I had very good experience to have trip with Osho Vision Treks team. They are very good guys! Nice professional, very friendly, good English speaking. I've got good service for the reasonable price. Thank You!

Igor_cVorobiev, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

I was initially somewhat nervous about what my adventure would entail, but in the trusty hands of my wonderful guide Prakash Khanal, my only challenges each day were the hills and what meals to order! A sign of a great trek is one you'll never forget, a sign of a great guide is one that you'll miss. A truly fabulous experience all round.

Belinda C, Melbourne, Australia

We had two nights already organized personally on Nepal, but we wanted spend more time for exploring the country.So we met with the people from Osho Vision, who prepared for us complete program for 8 days with personal driver. Last night we spent in Happy Home hotel in city center and once again it was excellent service and welcoming staff. Many thanks to all staff from agency, we spent wonderful time with the perfect professional services.

Monika B, Poprad, Slovakia

In Kathmandu there is so many tour operators and there is really hard to chose good one. There is few reason I would really like to recommend Osho Vision Treks: 1) We got really good prize. Mr. Prakash met us on our arrival in airport and was really helpful and trustworthy. We compare his prize with several other tour operators and he really give us the best one. Here is contact on him ( - +9779851013032) 2) Owner of the office Mr. Dinesh is really great guy. He is busy businessman but really helpful. We trusted him with our passports and China visa and he manage to pick it up for us very safely. In the end of our stay he even invited us for a dinner. Really great guy! 3) Best of all was our guide Udaye. We chose him based on other great reviews here and we was definitely not disappointed. He is young and smart guide with sense of humor and great knowledge about Nepal and mountain. Take him specially if you are planning to visit Manaslu region. He was born here and knows everything about it.

JosefCIpra, Prague, Hlavni Mesto Praha, Czech Republic

Osho Vision has a superbly professional team and I was looked after way beyond my expectations by Kedar Mani Khanal. Every little detail from hotel and flight bookings to professional guides was faultless. All of this was delivered with personal service and a smile. I will never need to go anywhere else for any sight seeing, mountain trekking or any of the other things I choose to do. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making my first trip to Nepal such an effortless pleasure! Paula Mayura.

PaulaMayura, Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom

Just fantastic.Osho vision made my dream of Treking in the Himalayas come true.The company were professional and my guide Kapil KC was nothing short of fantastic.He was kind,considerate and clever.I enjoyed his company and he was the guide I always used.I ended up doing four treks with the company over 10 weeks including Everest and the Annapurna trek.It is fair to say that this is a reflection of how highly I rated the company and my guide.I apologise for the delay in posting this .However I am still in contact with Kapil as we remain friends.He still works for the company and as do many individuals.I am confident that their standards will still remain the same.Avoid cheaper companies.You do not want to be stuck on a trek in the world's highest mountains with a dodgy company!!Some are.

gthornthwaite, Newark Notts

“Beyond expectations” W e organised our 3 week adventure around Nepal with Dineash from Osho Vision Treks. In our initial meeting he listened to our requests & designed a tour according to our wishes. Our trip included a comfortable Scorpio car, a proficient courteous driver (Dipak) sightseeing around Kathmandu & the Kathmandu Valley, a 2 day rafting trip on the Trishuli river, Pokhara, a soft 2 day trek in the foothills of the Annapurnas, Lumbini, a 3 night 4 day package in the Royal Chitwan National Park, Nagarkot, Dhuulikhel and back to Kathmandu. Our trip included all hotels & breakfasts & full board when rafting & at Chitwan. Most of our accommodation was excellent. Dipak was a great driver, always on time & an extremely safe driver. Dineash rang everyday to check all was well on our trip. We had an absolutely fantastic time in Nepal thanks to Dineash & his team. I would highly recommend his services to one & all.

Sunaks, Australia

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