Our Team
Tara Nath Lamichhane (Dinesh)
Managing Director
He began to work in tourism since 2001 as a porter, subsequently, two-years later; he became a Russian Speaking senior Trekking guide.  Working as four five-years, he became English and Russian Speaking treks & tour operator. He achieved the success one after another with in short span of time in the sector of tourism. He has a sound of strong enthusiasm and long years experience being involved in Nepal tourism. His national and international exposure helped him to be established as a Managing Director of Osho Vision Treks and Expedition (P.) Ltd.  He have some years Experience of  Osho Tapoban for the  meditation  .He was very much influence from  the principle of  Osho, To make immortalized name of  the Osho He have been started his business company's  name  as a Osho Vision Treks & Expedition (P.) Ltd.  He has so far visited India, Tibet Russia and some other European countries namely, Netherland, Belgium, France, Germany and a few other countries. His visit helped him gain incredible opportunities to study about the principles and nature of global tourism and build the business relationship with tourism entrepreneurs in various countries He has aim to contribute on protection and preservation of this beautiful nature and culture for future generations. Being a successful entrepreneur in tourism, he has strong dedication for Eco-friendly practices and strong belief in improvement in the lives of local people, providing them maximum benefits of tourism.

Kedar Mani Khanal
(Executive Director)

He has been working in the Himalayan Mountain for over nine years first as a porter then eventually Government licensed guide. His exposure to travel and trekking made him realized to organize his own company to give at par services from his previous companies where he served for long time. Currently he is the Executive Director of Osho Vision Treks. Situated in business district of Thamel, Kathmandu. He can speak fluently English, Russian and Spanish. By guiding tourists all throughout Himalayan Region, he has vast knowledge about the culture, language of the local people of Nepal. He is passionate about nature particularly mountaineering and environmentally aware of the surroundings to preserve not to exploit. He experience scaling a height over 6,000 meters. If you choose to glimpse adventure of the majestic beauty of the mountains in Himalaya, you will benefit from his vast knowledge, experience and passion of nature’s bounty.

 Prakash Lamichhane
(Trek & Tour Operator)

Hiralal Lamichhane
(Trek & Tour Operator)


Shankar Khanal
(Trek & Tour Operator)

Gautam Rijal
(Assistant Manager)

Suraj Lamichhane
(Accountant)Trekking Guide

Manoj Bhattarai (Trekking Guide)
Mr. Manoj is an energetic young guy with enough experience in the trekking field. He is a Bachelors holder; He strongly continued his profession and study together.  And continuously devoted in trekking with Osho Vision Treks. He has trekking guide license provided by Ministry of Tourism. After getting several experiences of different trekking regions with trekkers from different parts of the world, He knows the key point how to make clients happy..He have great knowledge of culture, custom, local ethnic groups of mountain areas. He knows various trekking trails mostly famous in Nepal likewise Everest, Annapurna and Langtang. He always ready for adventures journey with strangers from all over the world. Past couple of years he has successfully led many treks and tour, especially Everest Base Camp Trekking, Annapurna Trekking, Langtang Trekking, and Kanchenjunga Trek.
Krishna Prasad Khanal (Trekking Guide).
He is one of our senior English Speaking Trekking Guides of Osho Vision Treks & Expedition (P) Ltd. who had been with the Company since its inception. He has completed Masters Level in his related study .He has guided FITs as well as Groups through numerous trekking routes. He has extensively traveled in the country sides and hence is well familiar with the places, people and cultural of most of the trekking areas of Nepal. He have great knowledge of culture, custom, local ethnic groups of mountain areas. He is hardworking, reliable and a very caring person. He observes and understands the need of each members of the group while on trail and treats them with great care. His easy and lively temperament has won the hearts of many of the groups he has led.
Rajendra Banjara (Trekking Guide)
Rajendra who is affectionately known as Raj to all his customers, delivers impeccable service, always with a smile on his face. His attention to detail to make sure you have an unforgettable trek is infamous. His knowledge of the mountains will enthrall you as you immerse yourselves in the alpine region.
He has been a trekking guide since 2005 so has developed valuable trekking, mountaineering and communication skills.
Raj is a Government certified trekking guide and an adventure enthusiast. You are guaranteed to be looked after from start to finish by Raj on your journey in the Himalayas.

Udaya Lamichhane (Trekking Guide)
Udaya is a young and energetic trekking guide who is famous among the Osho Vision Treks. He is well known to the main trekking areas of Nepal like Annapurna, Manaslu, Langtang, Everest, Mustang and many more. He started his carrier in tourism industry in 2007 as a porter and upgraded himself as a qualified guide. He doesn’t only guide the trekking groups but also makes them happy by different fun oriented activities like singing, dancing, playing cards with them etc. We are proud to have Mr. Udaya as a part of our company.
Bishnu Adhikari (Trekking Guide).
Mr Bishnu is an experienced trek leader with training for trekking guide license conducted by Hotel Management and Tourism Training Center (HMTTC). He works as a trekking guide since from 2006 with several groups in different regions. He has extensive knowledge of different cultures and the history of Nepal.
Ishwor Bhandari (Trekking Guide).
Ishwor was born and grew up in the Manaslu Region Gorkha district of Nepal. He began his career as a trekking porter in 2007 and has not only trekked around his home district but he has also done treks to Everest, Langtang, and Annapurna region. He is an energetic young and a super guide of our Company.
Kapil KC (Trekking Guide).
Since from 2006, Manoj has been working as a Trekking guide, having a Government license and involving many treks related training. You can fully enjoy your time with his experience in the Trips. During his service he made himself one of the best guides in the industry and mostly leading the trip to the more remote part and newly opened route of the country. Mostly being with his guest and every time willing to provide a best service to his guest made him a good guide in a young age.
8). Prakash Khanal (Russian Speaking Trekking Guide)
Prakash is a young, passionate and dependable trekking guide with a cheerful face offering you a friendly service on unforgettable journeys through the Himalayas. He has an excellent command of English and loves nothing more than to tell you all about the regions you are visiting with their diverse ecosystems and rich cultures.
Prakash has been with us since the start and customers always give us rave reviews after their trips, praising his knowledge, attention to detail and genuine concern for individual needs. He has been in the Tourism sector as a senior Russian Speaking  Trekking guide  from the last 5 years Mr. Prakash Khanal is one of the best Trekking Guide of this company Specially speaking Russian.
He is licensed and certified for all trekking in Nepal.

9). Bikash Banjara (Trekking Guide)
Bikash belongs to the Gorkha district in Nepal. Born there in 1989, he completed his school level studies and then in 2006 joined this profession with formal training. He began his career with Osho Vision Treks and has trekked extensively to the famous trekking zones - Everest, Annapurna, Langtang and Kanchenjunga etc. He is fluent in English and Hindi. He is an enthusiastic fellow and has handled several trips for us. The guests have praised him as a friendly and helpful person to trek with.
  1. Chuda Mani Rimal (Driver)
  2. Dipak Khatiwada (Driver)
Dipak is a young and energetic boy, who knows all the driving routes throughout Nepal. Besides his careful and safe driving skills he knows how to take care of tourist as well. He was grown up in the mountain regions of Nepal and now became familiar with all cities of Nepal. He can take the tourists in the perfect destination